Real Food on a Budget

Feeding your family traditional, real foods can be simple and economical.

All it takes is a little know how!

Subscribe to My Humble Kitchen's Menu Plan on a BudgetMy name is Diana.  My family is from Sevilla, Spain.  My mami grew up in a traditional culture and as odd as this may seem today, her family didn’t own a freezer!  Every day my mother and her family were accustomed to buying fresh vegetables, meats, and bread for that day’s meal.  At the time, processed foods were not consumed so there was no other option but to buy whole, seasonal ingredients as they were being harvested.

Inherently, this way of preparing and eating foods was passed down to me.  What was also passed down is what we would call today, “frugal” eating.  My mother grew up under a fascist regime.  Food was often times rationed and so to them, it wasn’t about saving money but really about making due with what they had. It’s these peasant dishes and ways of conserving and stretching food that have become innate in my style of cooking.

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My Humble Kitchen’s Menu Plan on a Budget is influenced by this style of traditional cooking.

It uses a lot of vegetables,


rice and legumes,


cheaper cuts of meat,


eggs as protein,

Asparagus Quiche

stock to nourish,

Homemade Vegetable Broth

and even bread in all of its parts (fresh and stale) to add depth and stretch a simple meal.


My Humble Kitchen’s Menu Plan on a Budget is about learning to appreciate good, whole, simple foods, in season which inevitably brings good health and joy.

Not to mention, by eating at home, using tons of veg, you’ll be happy to see extra pounds melt away 😉

This menu plan is of course all real food.  We do not use any processed foods.

Here are some testimonials from current subscribers.

“My husband had never tried sweet potatoes, doesn’t really know why, he just hadn’t. My 5-yr old said, as we sat down to dinner “I don’t like sweet potatoes”. Well, not only did they both clean their plates, they LOVED the potato/sweet potato combination! Who knew? So far, 2 meals, 2 HITS! Thanks for doing this.”


“My family is loving the recipes, I really was unsure how they would take the leftover bean soup for enchilada’s but they were wonderful and we ate them all!”


“I am loving the menu so far!! I did the soup tonight and sloppy joes yesterday, because I knew tonight would be crazy. The soup was easy and so yummy, all 3 of my boys ate a huge bowl. My favorite thing so far – only 2 days in – is that it is all planned for me!! Thanks.”

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What makes the My Humble Kitchen Menu Plan different

Subscribe to My Humble Kitchen's Menu Plan on a BudgetThis menu plan is much more than just cooking foods already planned for you, but in learning how to cook, really cook, at the same time.

My hope is that after subscribing and following the menu plans you will feel CONFIDENT in your kitchen!  That you’ll own it!

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